The Adriatic Coast: the sea for everyone

Anyone who has spent a holiday on the Adriatic Coast, an experience typically associated with fun, thrills and family holidays, knows just how well deserved its fame truly is: “a sea for everyone”. While it is true that nights are the realm of those who wish to let loose on the dance-floor, it is also true that in places such as Riccione, Rimini, Cervia and Cesenatico, the days are marked by a much slower pace, with services dedicated to children and a myriad of opportunities to spend a holiday in complete tranquillity, between pine forests and green oasis, excursions in the heart of culture in Ravenna, water parks and facilities designed to tickle the imagination of children, while offering grownups moments of absolute tranquillity.

Children’s activities on the Adriatic Coast

Four itineraries, one aquarium

Sharks, penguins, turtles, jellyfish, as well as chameleons, frogs and insects: divided into four different itineraries, the Cattolica Aquarium is not only a journey that concerns the sea, but also and above all a voyage to discover nature.

As Giants in Italy in Miniature

One of the most popular attractions on the entire Coast, Italy in Miniature has been attracting families and tourists who wish to embrace the Italian Peninsula with just one look since the 1970’s, indulging them with a simultaneous voyage through Milan and Venice.

A fairy tale park

Favourite fairy tale characters come to life for classic family fun. Answering their call, young adventurers dive into the fantastic worlds of Fiabilandia, the theme park that seems to have sprung straight from their imagination.

Sliding from fun and thrills into nature

Within walking distance from each other, Aquafan and Oltremare are two sides of the same coin of water fun. While entire generations have spent magic summers enjoying the thrills of Aquafan’s slides, along Oltremare’s itineraries, children have discovered the secrets of the relationship between man and nature.

Tiny sailors growing up

The world of the sea and of sailors is the spectacle staged every day at the Maritime Museum in Cesenatico, where children set sail for a universe of fun and knowledge, to discover the secrets of a world that even amazes the most experienced pirates.

The Po Delta operation

Every summer, for a new and different inland experience, the Po Delta Regional Park offers the opportunity to discover a protected territory, with an environmentally friendly approach, choosing from a walk, a bike route or an unusual boat crossing.

The best things to eat on the Adriatic Coast

Piadina all star

Choosing only one speciality, in a region renowned as much for its fish and seafood, as for its fresh pasta, may seem like an impossible task. However, given the incredible diffusion of “striped kiosks”, not recognising the primacy of the typical “piadina” flatbread as a beach food would be a crime. Discovering the many variations of this versatile dish along the entire coast could certainly become a pastime for the whole summer.