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Hello, I’m Bino!

A stay at the Italy Family Hotels makes it easy and fun to go on holiday with the children… you have Bino’s word! So how do you find your bearings with the family services available?

It’s simple… I will guide you! Look at the table and remember: the higher the number of Binos, the greater the number of services!

Use your finger in the table to compare 3, 4, 5 and 5 Bino plus
  3Bino 4Bino 5Bino 5Bino plus
Welcome gift Free
Strollers (on request) Free
Paediatric first aid kit Free
Paediatric assistance (on request) For a fee
Laundry services (on request) Free or for a fee
Daily cleaning of rooms, games and equipment Free
Information material on activities in the surrounding area Free
Kids check-in Free
Bicycles with child seats and helmets (on request) Free or for a fee
Small library and video room Free
Heated swimming pool reserved for children Free
Indoor playground Free
Outdoor playground Free
Equipped areas: soft corner (0-3 years); games corner (4-8 years); activities area (from 9 years up) Free
Hotel with at least 4 stars Free
Average price per night over €80 Free
SPA & Wellness Free
Recent renovation of most of the hotel Free
Large outdoor swimming pool Free
Whirlpool area or indoor swimming pool Free

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