About us

From Northern to Southern Italy, and passing across the Central regions, touching the hills, bathing in the sea and in the thermal waters, or enjoying sweeping views of snow-capped mountains that become one with the sky, Italy Family Hotels is a consortium which since 2001 has been bringing together family hotel facilities that share the unique ability to offer guests – in addition to a relaxing holiday rich in activities – an atmosphere that fosters a sense of home, with just the right level of luxury hidden in those small and important details.

Only families understand what a family needs in order to feel at east and comfortable. This is the true common denominator of hotels, apartments and resorts that favour a different concept of time – flexible and never following rigid conventions of tourism focused on hours – imagined as an elastic space, in order to allow children and parents to discover all the services – from Mini Clubs to ad hoc restaurant services and quality entertainment programmes – that the same owners would be happy to find in a stay, seemingly wanting to say, in a warm and genuine tone of voice, “come back soon. We look forward to seeing you again, just like friends”.