Lidi Ferraresi: holidays on the water and nature trips

On the Adriatic coast, the Lidi Ferraresi resorts characterise the very emblem of the combination of sea, excursions and nightlife. Nestled in the Po Delta Natural Park, the seven municipalities have over time developed a strong reputation as ideal tourist destinations, away from the hustle and bustle, yet at the same time equipped with facilities that guarantee a refuge from boredom. The Comacchio Valleys, an area in which water celebrates its triumph amid parades of pink flamingos, are only one of the works of an open air museum that also offers veritable monuments, such as the Abbey of Pomposa, or unique toponomastic sites such as the intertwining roads in Lido delle Nazioni.

Children’s activities in Lidi Ferraresi

Little Venice

With its dense network of canals, Comacchio is also known as little Venice. Wandering its water streets on a boat or crossing the myriad of bridges and alleyways, with the chance to witness the flight of pink flamingos, is an experience that is sure to remain in the hearts of children for life.

Discovering the Po Delta

To be explored by boat, on foot or by bicycle, the Po Delta Natural Park is a goldmine of opportunity for delving into a complex territory, which tickles the curiosity and stimulates the attention of visitors. Its 52,000 hectares of land are home to truly unique flora and fauna.

Everyone out fishing

For those who have always known fish in its frozen and canned format, climbing aboard a motorboat and renting a fishing rod promises to be an unforgettable experience, to share with friends back at school.

Aboard the Roman ship

The Roman Ship Museum, located in the Palazzo Bellini complex in Comacchio, preserved the remains of a merchant ship that sailed the waters a few years before Christ. Observing it up close is equivalent to taking an instant journey back in time, with full sails powered by the wind of imagination.

The best things to eat in Lidi Ferraresi

Eel and clams

It is inevitable: the queen of the table in Lidi Ferraresi cannot be any other but the eel. Grilled, stewed, prepared in risotto: Comacchio is the Italian capital of the ways in which freshwater fish can be enjoyed, as part of a truly illuminating dining experience. Special mention is also due to the typical clams from Goro, protagonists of a food district of worldwide fame.