The “Bio Friendly” brand is here, because you deserve the best even at table

BIO FRIENDLY IFHHello! If you’re reading this it is because you are also interested in what your family eat.
The concept of quality hospitality for us means not just a warm welcome and entertainment, but also a good diet.

To offer you the best at table is to take care of you…
Because a healthy and balanced diet is equally important during your holidays, especially if you prefer all-organic food.

This is why we decided to launch the “Bio Friendly” project in collaboration with a female nutritionist who has worked for us for many years, Dr Prosperi, and with the companies HiPP ITALIA and BIOITALIA.

The hotels participating in the project and with internal BIO FRIENDLY certification have the distinctive “BIO FRIENDLY IFH” logo, testifying to their compliance with a precise standard of service and quality, verified by the same consortium.

The minimum requirements for BIO FRIENDLY certification are:

  • Organic “corner” at breakfast buffet
  • At least one organic dish at lunch and dinner
  • Purchase of a selection of organic products for children aged 0-3 years
  • Offer of at least these organic products:
    • Jam
    • Honey
    • Fruit juices/shakes
    • Oil
    • Tomato sauce/pulp
    • Semolina, wholemeal, gluten-free and barley pasta
    • Flour
  • Pulses

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