Abruzzo: from the Apennines to the typical “trabocchi” fishing huts

Like a Rubik’s cube, changing face depending on the combination of its parts, the Abruzzo region can, at the same time, present itself as a temple for those who love wild and unspoiled nature, or as a place for families to spend a peaceful holiday by the sea, as well as an outpost of gastronomic traditions, sure to conquer even the most difficult palates. The Abruzzo National Park, the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga Park and the Majella Park embody the edgiest side of a region that, gracefully degrading towards the beautiful waters of the Adriatic Sea, manages to enchant visitor’s eyes with its typical romantic “trabocchi” fishing huts, self reflected in a liquid mirror.

Children’s activities in Abruzzo

The Majella while suspended

With over 130 games, bridges and footbridges suspended between trees, as well as tunnels and cable cars, the Majella Adventure Park, located within the heart of the park that gives it its name, is a journey into adventure, thrills and fun, as well as a starting point for a myriad of nature excursions.

The fountain of 99 spouts

You can count them as many times as you like. They are precisely 99 – no more, no less – the spouts of the famous fountain that has become a symbol of L’Aquila. There is a legend behind this number … just waiting to be discovered.

A natural monument

The tallest peak of the Apennines and the only glacier in southern Europe, wolves, bears, chamois, golden eagles and unique flora: need we say more? The Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park is a monument to the biodiversity that alone warrants a holiday in Abruzzo.

A farm between slides

The largest water park in South Central Italy boasts over one kilometre of slides for diving into 3,000 sqm of pools. “Liquid entertainment” takes shape at Aqualand in Vasto, where visitors will find kamikaze drops, toboggans, shows, as well as a farm.

Huts in the sea

Nobody can establish with certainty the age in which we decided to soak our legs in the sea. The fact is that the local “trabocchi”, wooden platforms originally constructed for fishing purposes have become a characteristic landmark of Abruzzo’s coastal landscape.

The best things to eat in Abruzzo

Very little smoke and lots of skewered delights

Known as a traditional “poor dish”, “arrosticini” or grilled skewers have become a gastronomic cult reproduced around the world. But only Abruzzo knows the secret to imbuing these delectable sheep meat skewers cooked on the typical “furnacella” grills with that unique flavour that justifies the success of the dish.