Veneto: the art of going on vacation

Although most often Veneto is associated with tourism focused on the splendour of the canals and palaces offered by Venice and Verona, this diverse and active region actually has much to offer to those seeking a holiday characterised by nature, sports and the sea. From the Dolomites to the Adriatic sea, the opportunities to spend a holiday in beautiful and charming places, ranging from the mountains to the beaches, with a stop on Lake Garda, are truly endless. The Palladian villas scattered across the Brenta Riviera, the quaint villages and the beach resorts are just a few of the surprises offered to visitors by a land rich in culture and an outpost of wellness and relaxation.

Children’s activities in Veneto

The realm of fun

A mix of adventure and fantasy, bringing together the very best in the world of fun for all ages. “Parsley” the dragon has done his very best to concentrate into Gardaland, a myriad of attractions worthy of the most adrenaline-filled fun fair, influences from the movie and circus worlds and scenarios that seem to come to life from the imagination of children.

Water and Cinema

One destination, two parks and the promise of infinite experiences and emotions. Caneva world truly is a door that opens on worlds of unbridled fun. If the Water Park combines a tangle of slides and pools to dive into the very heart of your holiday, Movieland Park is a set in which the magical world of Hollywood is staged.

Listening to the trees

In the Villa Margherita public park in Treviso, the “Park of the Talking Trees” is a secret passageway to the world of cinema, cartoons, science and nature, which tests the skills of young explorers, filmmakers and budding inventors.

The most beautiful park in Italy

A Labyrinth, 18 flowering Lakes and the famous “Viale delle Rose” are just a few highlights of the 600,000 square metres of space offered by the Sigurtà Garden Park, a perfect mix of nature and history that has earned it the title of Italy’s most beautiful Park.

Do not change “channels”…

Needless to say, the alleyways, canals, bridges, squares and all that which, put together, characterises Venice, is already worth a holiday in Veneto on its own merit. Among museums, palaces and events dedicated to children, the city is a perfect contraption that sets in motion the imagination and curiosity of children.

The best things to eat in Veneto

Never throw out any leftovers

Between risotto and the famous liver “alla veneziana”, a dish inspired by rural traditions, poor and at the same time full of history and flavour, insinuates itself. Originally from Treviso, the typical “Sopa Coada” requires a slow preparation, evoking hours of chatter and conviviality in the kitchen, waiting for the mix of leftover bread, vegetables, broth and pigeon to be ready and earn its place of honour at the centre of the table.