Liguria: the flowering riviera...

With an elongated coastline that seems to draw Italy’s profile in extremis, Liguria is a mix of sea and mountains. Or rather, of mountains that overlook the sea, waiting for a thousand years for the right moment to plunge into its depths. Liguria has its typical disposition, while at the same time offering countless smiling faces, like those of visitors who choose to spend a holiday dedicated to sport – along a network of dream itineraries for any self-respecting rider – but also for those who simply wish to relax, lying on a beach, or to explore a universe of villages crossed by characteristic alleyways, before emerging in the procession of flowers reflected on the clear waters.

Children’s activities in Liguria

Children and slides

At the Le Caravelle Park, kids can enjoy sliding among thousands of adventures on the water. However, the park also offers attractions for adults, as well as facilities especially designed for younger children.

On the crest of the Solleone

Located in the mountains that overlook Alassio, the Solleone Adventure Park offers breathtaking views across the Golfo del Sole (“Gulf of the Sun)”, but above all a kaleidoscopic universe of endless fun, suspended between vines, Tibetan bridges, vertical networks and cable cars among the trees.

A trip to the Genoa Aquarium

It would be almost criminal to holiday in Liguria without a visit to the largest aquarium in Europe, which also caters to younger visitors, taking them on a journey to discover the great water abysses, without even getting their feet wet. In Genoa, aquatic animals of all kinds, from sharks to clownfish, have found a home.

A whale as a friend

Different points in Liguria allow visitors to set sail and move away from the coast, in search of the best spot to enjoy an unforgettable afternoon of whale watching. The great mammals have chosen the sea in this region to “build” the Cetacean Sanctuary, a destination that offers many themed whale watching excursions.

All science

Everyone knows that Genoa is a special city. However, it may not be so obvious that it is also the “Children’s town”. This is precisely the name of an immense playground strewn with multimedia and interactive attractions, designed to help children understand what it means to be grown ups.
The best things to eat in Liguria
A focus on pesto

Before being able to understand which variant convinces you the most, you will be forced to try and retry those offered by the countless local chefs, because in Liguria, pesto is a serious matter, depending exclusively on the personal taste of those who prepares it. Obtained by mixing olive oil, pine nuts, basil and pecorino cheese, this quintessential Ligurian sauce is best enjoyed paired with the typical “trofie” (short, thin, twisted pasta).