Cilento: the “Magna Graecia” reflected in the clear sea

Blue and green dominate the area of Campania known as Cilento. The clear sea caresses some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, which with their beauty have convinced UNESCO to declare this area a World Heritage Site. But aside from the fine sand of Cala Bianca, Ascea and Pollica – to name just a few of the best loved destinations on the coast – the Riviera enchants with a natural expansion of woods, olive groves and streams, which alternate with quaint towns and villages stubbornly clinging to the rock or stretched out at the feet of the cliffs bathing in the sun on the shore. An opulent setting, the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park – the largest in Italy – impresses with its mythical archaeological sites such as Paestum and Velia.

Children’s activities in Cilento

Magna Grecia

UNESCO World Heritage site, the archaeological area of Paestum offers the opportunity to take in the Tomb of the Diver preserved in the Archaeological Museum and to embark on a voyage back in time discovering the wonders of ancient Greece, between Doric temples and testimonies of a glorious past, including the Forum, the Agora and the mighty Amphitheatre.

A taste of Buffalo

Famous throughout the world, Buffalo Mozzarella produced in Campania is the result of the fascinating workmanship and traditions preserved in the many dairy farms that dot the Cilento region. A visit to one of the many renowned facilities in the area is a feast for the eyes, as well as for the stomach.

A magnificent reef

Symbol of Cilento, as well as the legendary and mythological soul of the sea and of Campania, Palinuro is a concentration of caves, coves and charm that remain imprinted in the heart and imagination of those who come to discover them, even just once.

An underground river

Covering an area of approximately 3 thousand metres in the Alburni Mountains, the Pertosa Caves characterise the very image of adventure: the only European Speleological site where visitors can navigate along an underground river, punctuated with the timeless shapes and suggestive colours of stalactites and stalagmites.

A peaceful oasis

Nature lovers will not be disappointed: with more than 600 hectares of pristine landscapes and a river that plunges through the terrain to create scenic falls and small lakes, before re-emerging from a karst cave, the Morigerati Oasis is a wonder of nature that every visitor enjoying a holiday in Cilento must discover.

The best things to eat in Cilento

The Mediterranean diet

Cilento is one of the regions competing for the paternity of the Mediterranean diet, declared a UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2014. Looking for a typical dish, it is perhaps appropriate to try to sample a little bit of everything in order to get an idea of the flavours offered by this fertile land: oil, wheat and legumes produced here are famous around the world. And then, if you still have room to indulge, Buffalo Mozzarella has no rivals.