Primiero Valley: Mountains with a capital M

Endless green pastures dotted with alpine hamlets and old wooden huts, the snowy and white winter landscapes, and a frame of majestic peaks silhouetted by deep, clear blue skies: on the border between Trentino and Belluno, the Primiero Valley is that postcard-perfect image that pops into our mind when we close our eyes and think about the mountains. The Schenér Lake Gorge – created, as legend has it, by the perseverance of a lonely otter – is the gateway to a natural theatre enclosed by the Pala Group, the Lagorai Range and the Vette Feltrine. Fiera, Transacqua and Tonadico are three of the villages that breathe life into this awe-inspiring valley, an ideal spot for hikers, skiers and cycling enthusiasts.