Coast and hinterland, the two parts of Gabicce

This little gulf overlooking the Adriatic is truly a corner of great beauty and an unusual natural marvel for the Marche coast.

It could be because of the beautiful broom flower which covers Mount San Bartolo in yellow in spring or the cliffs overlooking the sea, one thing is certain, this place holds something magical.

The fine sandy beaches at the foot of the mountain and the crystal clear water framed by the greenery of San Bartolo park (a must see protected area) offer not only beautiful landscapes but also pleasant fresh air most appreciated by mothers.

From June to September, the whole of the centre of Gabicce Mare is a Limited Traffic Zone, allowing you to walk in complete tranquillity.

For those who would like to enjoy a beautiful sunset can go up into the hills. Here from the top of the “terrace overlooking the sea”, a long stretch of flat land is covered in Mediterranean scrub, there is a panoramic viewpoint, quite unique, surrounded by greenery, from where you can admire the whole of the coast.

It is also worth visiting Gabicce Monte, L’antico castrum Ligabiti, reachable along the beautiful panoramic road.