Vieste is a small fishing town overlooking the Adriatic sea, which conserves an ancient history. The village impresses with the beauty of its beaches and the wild vegetation, typical of the Gargano region. Its beautiful blue sea coves are ideal for family holidays, as they are large, comfortable, never crowded, and because the sandy bottom slopes very gradually.

The medieval old town is characterised by a dense accumulation of white houses, some overlooking the sea and by a maze of narrow streets that lead to the Frederician castle, where visitors can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the “Pizzomunno”, the 25 metre cliff that has became a symbol of the city. The Cathedral with its imposing Bell Tower, located in the historic centre, is also quite beautiful. Vieste also preserves an important ancient archaeological site and the funeral objects of the “La Salata” necropolis, near the sea.