Apulia: one region, a thousand reasons to visit

Perhaps those who refer to Apulia in the plural form, implying a multiplicity of nuances, able to please tourists of all kinds, are not wrong. The long beaches make their way around Italy’s heel, caressing the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, surrounded by a varied landscape that takes your breath away. Nature lovers can venture into the Gargano National Park, whose vegetation plunges across the steep peaks into one of the cleanest and safest seas of the Italian peninsula, while those in search of cultural roots and history can follow the traces left by the “trulli”, an itinerary rich in character and scented with the fragrance of lemons and oranges. And, speaking of food, here, visitors will truly be spoilt for choice…

Children’s activities in Apulia

Little explorers growing up

An adventure for young explorers, in a natural temple descending up to 70 metres below ground: the Castellana Caves are an enchanted world that deserves to be discovered by visitors of all ages.

A live documentary

The Zoo Safari in Fasano, Italy’s largest wildlife park, offers children the opportunity to come face to face with animals that until now they likely only glimpsed in books or documentaries. The various itineraries also include a trip on the “small monkey train”, where visitors will travel surrounded by macaque monkeys.

Once upon a time in Apulia

In a western Mexican setting presented in an archaic and Apulian key, the Itria Valley offers a unique white scenery which puts the famous trulli constructions next to each other, proud representatives of a distant past that continues to fascinate.

Baby beaches

Among the many beaches alternating along Apulia’s coasts, a few are particularly suited for younger tourists in search of shallow and clean waters. A few of the long list of names include Ginosa Marina, Porto Cesareo and Marina di Ugento.

“Little by little, sweet Gargano”

120,000 hectares, 18 municipalities, a marine reserve and the only traces of the famous “Umbra Forest” left on the planet: there is more than one reason to spend a few days discovering the Gargano National Park.

The best things to eat in Apulia

“Orecchiette” and turnip greens

Served in so many ways as to make your head spin, typical “orecchiette” pasta, made with durum flour, raises the banner of homemade pasta, a veritable symbol of Apulia. The best known version is naturally the one that sees the small ear shaped delights coupled with “cime di rapa” or turnip greens, a product that takes on its shoulders the sweet burden of demonstrating the great flavours offered by vegetables grown in this long and very green region.