Calabria: an active holiday on a crystal clear sea

If Italy was indeed a boot, Calabria would be the toe touching the crystal clear sea to test the temperature of the water. A myriad of seaside resorts – most notably, Nicotera Marina – invite guests to lie on the beach and enjoy the rays of a sun that also brighten up the lush inland region, dotted with churches and monasteries, palaces, villages and testimonies of the time when these lands were part of “Magna Graecia”. And because a place is also the product of its flavours and its scents, a Calabrian holiday cannot be separated from tables set with local dishes, offering guests a stay imbued with the intense flavour it deserves.

Children’s activities in Calabria

Bronze faces

The National Museum of Reggio Calabria jealously safeguards two figures that we often see in art history books but which, taking advantage of a holiday in Calabria, visitors finally get the opportunity to admire in all their glory. The Riace Bronzes are giants that speak to us of a distant and glorious time, when southern Italy was a piece of “Magna Graecia”.

Family rafting

Extreme sports may even be suitable for children. The associations that organise rafting excursions along the Lao River also include formulas that involve the participation of the whole family.

Sea sea sea

Calabria’s sea is so breathtaking that only bathing or admiring it from the beach seems an utter waste. Windsurfing, kiteboarding and diving schools offer a myriad of possibilities to explore it far and wide … and even in depth.

Wild Calabria

The wild side of Calabria is represented by the many protected areas scattered along its territory. Among these, the Sila National Park offers a journey through forests and highlands, overlooking landscapes that define the outlines of Etna, of the Aspromonte mountain range and of the Aeolian Islands.

The best things to eat in Calabria

Strong flavours

Visitors cannot leave Calabria without having tested their own resistance to the intense taste of typical dishes. As is often the case in southern Italy, here, the local cuisine also holds a position of great importance and the typical “n’duja” – a spreadable spicy sausage – is a true institution of regional cuisine.