Sardinia: all the facets of a family holiday

There are at least two sides to Sardinia: one that looks into the eyes of those who every summer leave the Continent in search of lights that brighten up the lively nightlife, and another that whispers in the ear of those who do not ask for anything better than to lie on a silent beach, listening to the sound of the sea. But there’s so much more. The nuraghic complexes represent an irresistible attraction for visitors interested in history, while the island’s varied and astonishing vegetation certainly does not disappoint hikers, who are offered an incredible mix of landscapes, from the rugged mountains of the Gennargentu to the rolling plains that stretch out towards the water, and the harbours and coves that insinuate themselves into the coast.

Children’s activities in Sardegna

All aboard

A small train cuts through the unspoiled landscapes, which represent the green and wild heart of Sardinia. It seems to travel into a fairy tale that promises to reveal one surprise after another, at the end of yet another tunnel…

Yellow like a submarine

In Golfo Aranci, the dream to dive without even getting your toes wet, aboard a submarine like the one commanded by Steve Zissou, becomes reality. The inhabitants of the sea parade in front of the Yellow Submarine’s porthole windows, together with a stop at the unique MuMart, the first underwater Museum of contemporary art.

A mine full of surprises

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sulcis Iglesiente geo-mining park offers guided tours in a universe of stone that has for years been one of the driving engines of Sardinia. The itineraries penetrate deep into the caves and flow into the sea, demonstrating both sides of an infinite island.

Dolphins, dolphins and more dolphins

Countless boats in the area organise excursions off the coast to meet and greet the many species inhabiting Sardinia’s waters. In particular, the dolphins seem to be very happy to receive the visits of our little explorers.

A canyon that barks, but does not bite

Just two steps away from the beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Orosei, the land seems to take its revenge on the sea, as if to prove that even rock understands the meaning of the word beautiful. Trekking enthusiasts and anyone in search of nature in its most rugged form, can certainly not miss a visit to little Indiana Jones in Gorroppu, one of Europe’s largest canyons.

The best things to eat in Sardegna

A family tradition

It is curious that one of the most famous dishes of a piece of land completely surrounded by water is actually the “porceddu”, which shares the title of top Sardinian specialities with fresh fish and “pane carasau”. The classical preparation – with grilled suckling pork presented on cork trays, garnished with sprigs of myrtle – is reminiscent of large family gatherings and long outdoor tables, surrounded by a landscape that loses itself in the thousand shades of blue water.