Porlezza: the reflection of happiness

A small village reflected in the water of Lake Lugano.
Porlezza is situated in the province of Como, only one hour and a half away from Milan.
One cannot help but notice the beauty of the mountains reflecting in the small body of water. Every season the landscape is magical, but it is from May to September that the area attracts the most visitors.
In summer you can swim in the lake, sunbathe in complete relaxation on the lake shore and hire boats and canoes.

In Begna (district of Porlezza) you can also see the cascades of Begna, accessible through a dirt road, and suitable for everyone. Even during the hot season you can cool down bathing in the revitalising and fresh waters.
Walking through the streets of the historic centre of Porlezza or visiting the caves of Rescia, and being amazed by the 70-metre high cascades is a perfect way to enjoy spectacular views, but climbing Mount Sighignola is something else.
The mountain, known as the Balcony of Italy, offers you the opportunity to admire stunning views from high above: Lake Lugano, the mountains that surround Lake Maggiore and the “Madonnina” of the Cathedral in Milan.
Endless wonders for as far as the eye can see.