Lake Garda: the sea and the mountains mirrored on the face of the freshwater lake

One of the few destinations able to convince tourists that holidays do not necessarily imply dividing your time between the sea and the mountains, Lake Garda combines the best of both worlds. In a region that brings together Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto and Lombardy, a mirror of crystal clear waters makes its home, reflecting on its surface the Dolomites, beautiful villas and lush gardens, architectural gems and villages that alone are worth a stay in a truly unique place. In a not so distant past, nobles and even emperors have walked along the lake’s banks, enjoying the tranquillity and the atmosphere offered by beaches that today represent a reference point for families, sports enthusiasts and visitors seeking relaxation and wellbeing.

Children’s activities on Lago di Garda

What a beautiful castle

A city on the lake, which is accessed using a drawbridge. Entering Sirmione seems like setting foot in a medieval castle, which hides a much older secret. At the tip of the peninsula, visitors can admire the remains of the “Catullus Grotto”, the largest Roman villa in Northern Italy.

More than just Gardaland

By simply mentioning Lake Garda, the name immediately brings to mind Gardaland, one of Italy’s most famous and stupendous amusement parks. However, all around, a thousand variations of visitor’s passion for family holidays have sprung up like mushrooms. Medieval Times, Sea Life, Movieland and Zoo Safari Natura Viva, to name just a few.

The most beautiful park of the realm

Ranking second on the podium in European standings and first in Italy when it comes to recognizing the most striking and picturesque parks in the country, with its flowering lakes and mazes Sigurtà Park offers one opportunity after another to be amazed and enchanted.

Bold youngsters

Mount Baldo offers the ideal destination to enjoy unique landscapes and perhaps savour a typical speciality in one of the traditional “malghe” dotting its slopes, or to indulge in an afternoon of hiking. Visitors can reach the top by cableway and once there, it is difficult to decide to make your way back down…

A dip in the Lake

If summer is around the corner, a dip in the Lake is an experience not to be missed. In particular, in Moniga del Garda, many free beaches allow families to relax, to enjoy a dip or to rent a pedal boat and reach the most suitable spot for testing the difference between fresh water and salt water.

The best things to eat on Lake Garda

“Salada” meat and fresh water

Very popular in Alto Garda, “Carne Salada” (a typical cured meat) intrigues tourists with the name alone, which sounds a little Spanish, but is about as typically of the Garda area as there is. A very lean spiced and pre-seasoned meat, this delicacy offers a constant surprise to those who taste it, served thinly sliced as part of a dish reminiscent of carpaccio, or enjoyed in thicker cuts, seared and served on warm plates.