Piemonte: montagne, laghi e isole…

The name leaves no room for doubt: Piedmont is definitely a land dominated by mountains, with the Alps overseeing the stunning landscapes that also include waters, such as those of Lake Maggiore, and even islands. The lush nature, which with the arrival of the snow, dons a white dress and parades across the Monterosa and Monviso ski resorts, is, however, only a small part of the rich history that fascinates tourists. Turin, the most European city in Italy – and a former capital – is a true open air museum, full of mysteries and unique sites, while other shades of the region offer countless ideas for a vacation unlike any other, between art and gastronomy.

Children’s activities in Piedmont

A focus on animals

In Turin, the first BioPark in Italy allows visitors to observe specimens of various races and species in environments that faithfully recreate the original habitats. Zoom houses penguins, camels, flamingos and tigers, roaming among the rocks and the trees as if they were at home.

The church brimming with colour

In the middle of the Langhe hills, the Barolo Chapel seems to be the product of a painter’s palette. Surrounded by vineyards, the former Church is a veritable explosion of colour.

Lights, camera, action

Located within the famous Mole Antonelliana, Turin’s Cinema Museum offers the opportunity to set off on a fantastic journey, in the heart of one of the most symbolic landmarks in Italy.

A visit to Pinocchio’s home

In the province of Cuneo, Vernante is a village that has decided to devote all its houses and walls to the world’s most famous puppet. 150 drawings pay tribute to Pinocchio and to Attilio Mussino, author of the illustrations that grace the 1911 edition of Collodi’s beloved novel.

Everyone take cover!

To learn pretty much everything there is to know about how to protect yourself from rain, but also at times from the sun, we recommended a visit to the unique “Umbrella and Parasol Museum” in Gignese, offering the answer to every question concerning methods for finding shelter from the elements.

The best things to eat in Piedmont

Friendship at the table

Before diving into a sea of “gianduiotti”, classic chocolates products with hazelnuts grown in Langhe and Monferrato, visitors need to taste the famous “bagna cauda”, a one course meal or an appetiser featuring anchovies, olive oil and garlic, which over time has become synonymous with friendship and conviviality.