The Amalfi Coast: a long embrace on the sea, between Naples and Salerno

Your eyes will never tire of the Amalfi Coast. Protected by UNESCO as an exemplary specimen of Mediterranean landscape, the Amalfi Coast stretches between the Gulf of Naples and that of Salerno, in an ideal coffer brimming with priceless architectural, historical and natural jewels and a offering a rich gastronomic heritage. Each town and village, however close, is different from the one that follows it, an invitation to continue to discover the myriad of towers, cathedrals and villas overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, caressing the fine sandy beaches alternated with rocky lava flows, reachable only aboard a boat gliding across the saltwater, sure to leave sweet unforgettable memories.

Cosa fare con i bambini sulla Costiera Amalfitana

La grotta fantastica

From Amalfi, boats leave taking visitors to that temple of colours and shapes known as the Emerald Grotto. Inside, both adults and children cannot avoid getting lost among the stalactites, which magically transform into celebrities, or great animals to conquer with your imagination.

“In black and white”

In Amalfi, the Paper Museum is an outpost focused on defending that special thing that, with every day that goes by is at risk of being replaced by new technologies, but which strenuously endures to give children a place for unleashing their imagination.

An entirely different pasta experience

Food lovers of all ages cannot miss the opportunity to reach Gragnano, one of the Italian capitals of pasta, where a number of pasta factories open their doors to showcase their production processes and offer a highly anticipated tasting…

From bay to bay

In front of Capri, in the protected area of Punta Capanella, Jeranto Bay is a natural gem, difficult to discover and to visit. But with a guide, anything is possible. And this tour will forever remain in the hearts of children.

The best things to eat on the Amalfi Coast

A slice of lemon

To take a break from the thousand offers that characterise cuisine typical of the Amalfi Coast, heading towards the terraced gardens and the citrus groves in the area may represent a healthy and detoxifying idea. Sweet and offering a “rounded flavour”, lemons, which are the not so secret ingredient of the famous limoncello liquor, can be tasted in slices, with or without the addition of sugar.