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What type of holiday do you want? Where exactly would you like to go? To help you choose the right family hotel, just select the region, area and hotel category you prefer. You will get a list of hotels to choose from. If you are looking for one family hotel in particular, just enter it in the space provided. It’s that easy!
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special januar fmp+2sa

Hotel Sporting Ravelli***

Mezzana-Marilleva TN

Starts on 03.01 Expires on 10.01.15

Prices from € 135,00

Sound Suite Hotel

sound suite hotel

Hotel Fedora***

Riccione RN

Starts on 30.04 Expires on 13.09.15

Prices from € 49,00


facciamo festa insieme..

Hotel La Baia***

Diano Marina IM

Starts on 29.12 Expires on 02.01.15

Prices from € 88,00


best internet rate sho..

Family Spa Hotel Le Canne***

Forio d\'Ischia NA

Starts on 25.09 Expires on 01.11.15

Prices from € 40,00


a hurray for mom

Rio Stava Family Resort ****

Tesero TN

Starts on 18.04 Expires on 02.11.14

Prices from € 68,00

<b>special price for weekly stays</b> in <u>BED & BREAKFAST</u> . Minimum stay 7 nights. Price includes: swimmingpool, gym, wellness  center, evening enterteinment. See Details

special price for week..

Wellness Hotel Veronza***

Carano/Cavalese TN

Starts on 02.07 Expires on 31.12.20

Prices from € 55,00


Hotel Miralaghi***

Chianciano Terme SI

Starts on 14.03 Expires on 01.11.14

Prices from € 170,00


Harmony Suite Hotel****

Selvino BG

Starts on 24.12 Expires on 27.12.14

Prices from € 170,00


half board advance boo..

Hotel Lungomare****

Villamarina di Cesenatico FC

Starts on 14.10 Expires on 10.10.15

Prices from € 50,00


Hotel Corallo****

Riccione RN

Starts on 10.09 Expires on 06.01.15

Prices from € 220,00


Loano 2 Village ****

Loano SV

Starts on 03.01 Expires on 28.03.15

Prices from € 136,00

Half Board

half board

Hotel La Meridiana***

Marina Romea RA

Starts on 01.03 Expires on 31.12.20

Prices from €

Hotel Nautilus

Hotel Nautilus

***/ 4 Bino


Tel. +39 0721 30275

Prices from € 41,00

Hotel Le Saline

Hotel Le Saline

****/ 4 Bino


Tel. +39 0974 931112

Prices from € 90,00

Hotel Finkennest

Hotel Finkennest

****/ 5 Bino

Trentino-Alto Adige

Tel. +39 0473 945848

Prices from € 99,00

Hotel Milano & Helvetia

Hotel Milano & Helvetia

***/ 4 Bino


Tel. +39 0541 605410

Prices from € 65,00

Hotel Bella Italia

Hotel Bella Italia

****/ 4 Bino


Tel. +39 045 7550652

Prices from € 50,00

Hotel El Cid Campeador & Residence

Hotel El Cid Campeador & Residence

***/ 3 Bino


Tel. +39 0541 720117


Hotel Excelsior

Hotel Excelsior

***/ 4 Bino


Tel. +39 0861 712345


Hotel Dory & Suite

Hotel Dory & Suite

***/ 4 Bino


Tel. +39 0541 642896

Prices from € 86,00

Albergo Dimaro Wellness Hotel

Albergo Dimaro Wellness

***/ 3 Bino

Trentino-Alto Adige

Tel. +39 0463 974375

Prices from € 315,00

Hotel San Michele

Hotel San Michele

****/ 3 Bino


Tel. +39 0431 43472


Hotel Diamond

Hotel Diamond

****/ 5 Bino


Tel. +39 0541 602600

Prices from € 57,00

Family Aparthotel Costa dei Pini

Family Aparthotel Costa dei Pini

***/ 4 Bino


Tel. +39 0544 988200

Prices from € 59,00

Gallia Club Hotel

Gallia Club Hotel

***/ 3 Bino


Tel. +39 0547 86312

Prices from € 53,00

Hotel Internazionale

Hotel Internazionale

***/ 3 Bino



Prices from € 63,00

Hotel Nettuno

Hotel Nettuno

***/ 3 Bino


Tel. +39 0421 370301


3 Bino

3 Bino Hotels

- Welcome small present for children
- Info material about game and tourist activities for families...
4 Bino

4 Bino Hotels

- Children'area with childhood books and videos
- Renting strollers and bikes equipped with baby’s chair...
5 Bino

5 Bino Hotels

- Safe and equipped playing area, inside or outside the hotel
- Courtesy Service for children...

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Events and happenings


Events relating to the world of childhood: fairs, happenings, initiatives, shows, museums and novelties for younger children…

Archipelago of La Maddalena National Park

If you have booked a family hotel in Sardinia this summer, you can take your children to the Archipelago of La Maddalena National Park in the province of Olbia-Tempio: a real natural paradise full of unexpected pleasures.
This very beautiful geo-marine park covers an area of about 20,000 hectares and includes both the marine zone of La Maddalena Archipelago and some 60 islands and islets. These all form part of the Municipality of La Maddalena and in terms of their structure, vegetation and marine habitat are certainly one of the world’s most evocative environments.

Read more: Archipelago of La Maddalena National Park

Magic World Aquapark

What is more enjoyable than a holiday of sun, sea and fun together with your children?
This is what you get when you choose a family holiday in Campania. There is a local theme park guaranteed to entertain both adults and children with its mix of fun and excitement. Called Magic World Aquapark, it’s one of the largest and best-known parks in southern Italy. Magic World Aquapark is both an aquatic park and an amusement park: a magical place where you can choose between slides, swimming-pools, water-chutes and lots of other attractions.

Read more: Magic World Aquapark

Sila Park

If you would like to spend a holiday in Calabria in contact with nature, there is a wonderful park where you can explore an unspoiled environment and enjoy some amazing adventures with your children: the Sila National Park.
The park covers a huge area and offers a range of delightful trails, with breath-taking scenery and many wild animals. It actually consists of nine different natural reserves: including the “Giants of Fallistro”, an area of towering pine trees and sycamore maples over 500 years old, or the “Golia-Corvo” reserve, which offers protection to over 150 species of deer.
You can enjoy some very relaxing walks through the Park, following the ancient paths, or ride on horseback past the various places of interest: the nature reserves, visitors’ centres, and the old mule-tracks used by bandits. There is a riding stable near Magara, from where you can go on wonderful horse-rides, accompanied by an expert guide.

Read more: Sila Park


Family holidays in Puglia have a very special appeal: beaches fringing a clear blue sea, delicious food to please both adults and children, the beautiful woods and olive groves of Murgia and Gargano, and all the fun of the local theme parks. One of the most famous is Zoosafari at Fasano, in the province of Brindisi. It is also a fascinating nature park, consisting of over 140 hectares of Mediterranean scrub where at least 1700 examples of 200 different animal species are allowed to roam free.
Once you enter the zoo, you have a choice of various activities. You can go on a real safari in your car or a park vehicle to see exotic animals in a natural setting, including lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, zebras and antelopes.

Read more: Zoosafari

Parco Zoo Falconara

If you have chosen the Marche region for your family holiday by the sea, you might like to stay at one of the family hotels in the Marche which overlooks the lovely Senigallia beach called “spiaggia di velluto”. From here, you can easily enjoy a delightful day out at the Falconara Marittima Zoo Park (AN).

The Park covers 60,000 square metres of parkland and provides a protected environment for many interesting and unusual species, with rare examples of mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds.
For children, it provides an excellent opportunity to observe certain types of animals at close quarters, including giraffes, wolves, tigers, pumas, splendid camels, porcupines, hippopotami and zebras.

Read more: Parco Zoo Falconara

Dolomiti Avventura

If you like the mountains in summer-time, the Trentino region is the perfect destination for you and all the family. You can enjoy a holiday in a wonderful natural setting, with breath-taking views all around, delicious local food and wine, and lots of opportunities for family fun and entertainment. 

Departing from your family hotel in Trentino, you can enjoy a day of sport with “Dolomiti Avventura” (Dolomites Adventure): a group of professional climbers and Alpine guides who, for many years now, have been organizing lots of opportunities for children and young people to enjoy sport and exploration in the Trentino Dolomites.

Read more: Dolomiti Avventura

La Notte Rosa 2013

July is the perfect month for a family holiday on the Emilia Romagna Riviera. This beautiful part of the Adriatic coast is sure to delight you with its special blend of activities and entertainment. Let me give you a couple of examples.
The first is the “Notte Rosa” (Pink Night). It should come as no surprise that this is known as the “New Year of Summer”, as this spectacular celebration involves beaches, shops, restaurants and nightspots all along the coast. Indeed, even the hotels in Emilia Romagna play their part and offer special packages.
On the first weekend in July, the spotlights are on all along the Riviera, around 110 kilometres of coastline stretching from Comacchio, in the province of Ferrara, to Cattolica, in the province of Rimini.

Read more: La Notte Rosa 2013

Onda Blu Aquapark

Onda Blu AquaparkAbruzzo is a perfect region for seaside holidays with children. You will find excellent hotels in Abruzzo offering specialized services for families, and the area is rich in wildlife oases, nature parks, and attractions tailor-made for children.

In the province of Teramo, for example, you can interrupt time spent sunbathing and enjoying the beach with a day out at Onda Blu Aquapark in Tortoreto, which offers many attractions even for very small children.

Read more: Onda Blu Aquapark

Follonica Aqua Village

Follonica Aqua VillageIf you have decided to spend a seaside holiday in Tuscany with your family, here are two things you can do: you can book one of our family hotels in Tuscany and you can take your children on a great adventure at the Aqua Village Park in Follonica!

The Aquatic Park offers three different types of pool. The first one, “Fun Island”, is great if you want to relax in the water and enjoy a hydro-massage, and then sit under one of the umbrellas surrounding this huge pool in its lovely green setting.

Read more: Follonica Aqua Village


GardalandIf you are on holiday in the Veneto region with your children, perhaps staying at a hotel in the province of Verona, then you really must spend a day at Gardaland, the famous amusement park at Castelnuovo del Garda (VR). You could book one of our family hotels in the Veneto specializing in hospitality for children, where fun and entertainment are assured!

 Our hotels in the Veneto offer lots of tailor-made services for you and your children, and a range of enticing special offers!  

Read more: Gardaland

All the magic of Palcobaleno

 {mosimage}July – August 2011





Clowns, mimes, colours, illusions, sounds and magic: it is difficult to summarize all the acts to be seen at Palcobaleno, the theatre show with many forms on stage at the Tent Theatre in Riccione over summer 2011.  

Read more: All the magic of Palcobaleno

A Fairy Tale Night on Lake Garda

{mosimage}25-28 August 2011

Riva del Garda



Top Cinderella wanted. This is the theme of the summer 2011 “Notte di Fiaba” (Fairy Tale Night), taking place this August at Riva del Garda in Trentino, Alto Adige. The setting is the beautiful Lake Garda, and the subject of this edition is the delightful fairy tale of Cinderella

Read more: A Fairy Tale Night on Lake Garda

The “Palio della Rocca”

   9, 10, 11 September



  Sant’Abbondio (PU)  




There is a date with history from September 9th – 11th at Serra Sant’Abbondio, in the province of Pesaro-Urbino. In this great centre of the Italian Renaissance there is a chance to see a re-enactment of the famous traditions of the Dukedom of the Montefeltros.

Read more: The “Palio della Rocca”


 23, 24, 25 September 2011

Verona – Historical centre     






Games from all over the world combine! This is what happens in Verona between the 23rd and 25th of September when there will be, once again, the annual event known as Tocatì, a festival of traditional street games from all regions in Italy and from various countries around the world.

Read more: Tocatì

Boccaccesca Festival


  1 – 2 October 2011

  8 – 9 October 2011





As well as being a wonderful storyteller, Boccaccio was also a great gourmet. Inspired by his love of food and by the famous story of Chichibio and the Crane, Certaldo holds a celebration of good food and flavours known as the Boccacesca event.

Read more: Boccaccesca Festival

From Chestnut Husk to Flour


  October and December 2011 





An appointment with one of the most typical of autumn fruits takes place every year in the municipality of San Godenzo, in the province of Florence. Three events celebrate the development of the sweet chestnut, from prickly husk to the many delicious products obtained from this adaptable fruit.   

Read more: From Chestnut Husk to Flour

The City for Children and Young People

   Genoa 2011






In the old port area of Genoa, situated inside the Acquario Village (Aquarium Village), there is a place especially designed for children between 2 and 12 years of age: La Città dei Bambini e dei Ragazzi  (The City for Children and Young People)!

Read more: The City for Children and Young People

Christmas Markets

   November –     January – 2011 






Trentino Alto-Adige is the region most noticeably influenced by Northern Europe with respect to its very traditional Christmas markets. They are so carefully arranged and decorated, and have such a special atmosphere that they have become a real tourist attraction in their own right. There are many opportunities at Christmas time to go in search of a present to put under the tree,

Read more: Christmas Markets

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